Insider Story - Terraformi

Who am I?

My name is Terraformi, I was born in 2014 on Github as version 0.1.0. My childhood went by in a flash. I achieved school age in summer 2015 (version 0.6.1). My intent was to be a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. I can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. Maybe my USP back then had been execution plans and complex changesets.

My parents are Hashicorp and the Golang. Therefore there is wild and fast blood flowing in my veins.

How did I get to tecRacer?

At first, tecRacer and I had a platonic relationship while sharing some customers and projects. In 2017 things got more serious and I participated in my first German classroom solely designed for me - Amazon Web Services with Terraform. I was so proud.

I might be the number one tool for cloud development in the area of infrastructure as code. The path to get there was not always easy, but thanks to my openness to new things and my sociable nature, I have made friends with many developers over the years. Good, uncomplicated cooperation and solving problems together are particularly important to me, because you can only get further together!


My experience with tecRacer

At tecRacer there are many bright heads and especially a broad variety mindsets. We are all always aiming for the new and exciting. Since the CDK has been launched in 2018 CDK, I had to fight for my position as being the preferred tool of choice for most colleagues. But that’s okay. I will improve and find my way. Guess what, there is already a CDK for Terraform in the community - you can’t get me down CDKTF.

Even our Chef team admits my importance inside Infrastructure as Code and participated in developing a Ruby-based kitchen tool for integration tests with terraform code kitchen-tf

I’ve grown up to adulthood since my first 1.x version release. At tecRacer you have always space to grow, improve, and evolve: I have now two official tecRacer Terraform Trainings, with more to come. I am the foundation of our CloudRacer product. I am an important part of our tecRacer onboarding.

Bottom line

In my free time, I spend a lot of time on personal development, because nobody is perfect, but finding and optimising your own mistakes and never standing still is the way to lasting success.

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Image by Robinraj Premchand from Pixabay